Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reviewed liquor act

It's about time the govt of nunavut quit this insane idea that some how they can controll that which is uncontrollable namely the flow of alcohol down peoples throats everybody and their mother shakes a finger and wags a tongue when people get caught bootlegging but it's been going on since the day I got here way back in "73" and the liquor store was opened then. Thanks to Peter B. for the knocks on Ann Coulter she deserves everything she gets but funny I always listen to what she has to say I don't agree with 90 % of it but if people want to listen to her then by all means go ahead and last for today Everybody should read that new Micheal Lewis book "The Big Short" it opens a few eyes and for the people who think it's a level playing field kicks them in the groin.

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