Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok it's the most shitty day of the week but I move forward into the light even if the clouds and snow say no light for you. I wonder how many people get up every day here and just wish for the whole place to disappear. I think today I'll start thinking about a whole new thing like yesterday I was on goggle earth and I looked at some of my old haunts things have changed man but not so much that I could not recognize the places I went to but I think I'm just looking for lost youth or maybe just home sick anyway nothing a stiff drink won't cure.

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  1. Yep, Google Earth, right into the grass near Torremolinos where ... err, well, anyway...

    Don't belittle the urge. It's actually a perfectly legitimate and can sometimes rise (sic) to be a very sophisticated sort of nostalgia for place.

    I've been told there is proper word for it in Japanese. English was lacking such until Alan Watts tentatively dubbed it 'topophilia'.